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Welcome To The New Lma Brand
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Welcome to the new LMA brand

  • Publish Date: Posted 8 months ago

​LMA Recruitment, part of Empresaria, announces new brand positioning and refresh

LMA Recruitment, the lead Professional recruitment brand for Empresaria, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand refresh, accompanied by its new brand positioning: 'powered by curiosity.'

The rapidly changing world of work means organisations across the globe are faced with new challenges and a demand for fresh skills and innovative ways of operating. In this dynamic environment, businesses and individuals require trusted partners who can help them navigate uncertainty, challenge the status quo, and seek solutions beyond the obvious. The new brand positioning for LMA Recruitment recognises that through an embedded sense of curiosity and a better understanding of our customers’ challenges and needs we can help them achieve their ambitions.

Rhona Driggs, CEO of Empresaria, emphasises the growing importance of understanding clients' talent strategies and the future aspirations of the talent they engage with.

"We firmly believe that better questions lead to better outcomes. It is our role to work in partnership with our clients to identify not just the skills they need right now but the skills they need to ensure sustainable future growth.''

Lucy Sharp, Chief Marketing Officer of Empresaria, highlights the significance of curiosity in the LMA brand.

‘’Instilling curiosity at the heart of the LMA brand ensures that we are always scratching beneath the surface to understand more about an organisation or individual. Only then do we truly understand what ‘cultural fit’ means or can find the candidates that are ready for next, as well as right now. We believe that there is so much more to people than can be found on a resume. Our visual and verbal identity captures this innate sense of curiosity, challenging the audience to look beyond what is obvious.’’

In addition to the brand refresh and positioning, LMA Recruitment also announced their launch into the US as part of Empresaria's ambitious growth plans.

Rhona Driggs said:‘’This exciting step allows us to better serve our global clients while delivering professional recruitment excellence to our valued US partners. With an existing track record of providing exceptional IT and Healthcare recruitment services across the United States, we are excited to extend our expertise and offer Professional recruitment solutions to meet the US market's unique demands.’’

With offices in the UK, Singapore and the US LMA Recruitment embraces change and continually strives to stay ahead of the curve. With their renewed brand and unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of curiosity, LMA is well-prepared to navigate the ever-evolving professional landscape alongside their esteemed clients and talented candidates.