LMA Recruitment Singapore was awarded the Human Capital Partnership (Employment Agency) or HCP(EA) Mark in early 2022.

This Mark, given with the support of the Ministry of Manpower, the tripartite partners, and various economic and sector agencies, identifies HC Partners as exemplary employers with strong commitment to fair recruitment practices and continual human capital development.

Human capital development is essential for Singapore’s economy to remain competitive, for businesses to attract and retain talent, and Singaporeans to continue to have better jobs, better salaries and better careers.

HCP(EA) partners also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enjoy faster response and higher service standards from a dedicated hotline for transactions with the Ministry of Manpower.

  • Get advice and better access to other government support and resources, such as human development schemes and grants.

  • Use the HCP(EA) mark in publicity materials to differentiate themselves as best-in-class EAs.

As a Human Capital Partner, our passion, dedication and enthusiasm inspire us to always deliver on the promises we make to our clients that empower them in achieving their business goals.