Join our referral program and get rewarded!

We are constantly searching for exceptional candidates and clients. If you know of anyone—whether a friend, family member, or colleague—with the right skills for our open roles or if they are seeking to hire, please refer them to us. Referrals are a valuable way to assist your network in their job search or business endeavours.

Before referring an effective candidate, consider the following:

  1. Supportive Referrals Only: Only say yes to referrals you genuinely support. If you're not confident about someone's fit for a job, it's better to communicate that they may not be the best match.

  2. Job Description: Refer to the job description before recommending someone. Ensure that the role aligns with the candidate's skills and experience.

  3. Work Ethic: Assess if the individual possesses a strong work ethic. A solid work ethic contributes to professional growth and benefits both the individual and the company.

  4. Passion: Look for candidates who have a genuine passion for the company's mission. A sincere interest in the work often leads to a more fulfilling career.

  5. Seeking a Challenge: Consider if the person is open to learning and seeking new challenges. Adaptability and a willingness to embrace new experiences are valuable traits.

Before referring an effective client, consider the following:

  • Consent Given: Ensure that this person has given consent to share their contact information.

Terms and Conditions for LMA Candidate Referral Program:

  • The referee will receive a $250 voucher if we get a candidate in a contract role and a $500 voucher if we place the candidate in a permanent role! 

  • Candidate must remain in the role for 3 months to redeem the voucher and the candidate must be a new candidate of LMA.

  • New candidate must state the name of the Referee at the time of sending in their CV.

  • If, at the time of the referral, the Referred Candidate is already shortlisted for the job vacancy or has directly been contacted by LMA before, you will not be eligible for the reward.

Terms and Conditions for LMA Client Referral Program:

  • The referee will receive a $500 voucher if you refer a business opportunity to us! This is deemed to be a new client of LMA, and a placement order has been successfully filled by us.

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