Executive Search

LMA Recruitment Asia offers a variety of services to meet our client's hiring needs. Our executive search service is for companies that are looking to hire highly qualified candidates at executive and senior levels across a variety of sectors. In recent years this has transitioned to also include a wider level of positions, for niche and specialist roles.

Executive search is much more than providing candidates. It is about filling talent gaps that will in turn immensely benefit your company. It is crucial for us to not only provide a candidate that is qualified but also a candidate that will seamlessly fit into your organisation culture. Our services enhance the recruitment life cycle while finding experienced talent – from requisition management and screening candidates to onboarding and post-performance management. The goal of our dedicated executive search consultants is to consistently exceed expectations through the use of our broad global candidate pool and professional networks.

As a leading executive search company, LMA Recruitment Asia works with you to transform your organisation’s approach in recruiting talent that delivers the best business results.


LMA Recruitment Asia provides a variety of services to best meet the needs of everyone we work with. The outplacement services we provide are designed for those companies who are facing the challenging decision of having to make redundancies. Reducing your workforce is something no business wants to face, but the way your company navigates through those difficult times, is an important part of maintaining a good employer brand in the market.

Our outplacement team delivers a customised solution best fit for both your company and for departing employees. Using outplacement services during times of change within your organisation will help smooth the process for all involved. We offer the ideal solution providing expert services and in-depth industry knowledge to those looking for a new job. Providing an outplacement service is about helping people that have helped your company transition on toward the next step in their career.


LMA Recruitment Asia offers a variety of services to the clients we work with. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the ideal solution for clients who want to focus on the core of their business while also acquiring new talent. We are committed to offering an RPO solution that acts as an extension of any brand we work with.

As recruitment becomes more reliant on technology, employee branding and social selling, working with an RPO provider becomes a more attractive option. Using an RPO provider saves your business time, money and enhances the speed to hire. The goal of our specialised RPO program is to elevate our customers’ competitive advantage by optimising the talent acquisition process through consultative solutions and delivery excellence.

As a recruitment partner, we are able to provide expert consultants that design and execute a customised RPO solution. Each recruiter remains attuned to emerging trends that may impact the demand for specific skills, in order to provide an unparallel service. In the short-term our customised RPO solutions can provide high quality results, but in the long-term RPO can be a transformative process that requires time and effort to drive results.


LMA Recruitment Asia supplies a wide assortment of services to our clients. Our payroll service is designed to help companies ensure that their employees and taxes are always paid in a timely manner. The payroll service we provide prioritises legal obligations, allowing businesses to focus on their core business responsibilities.

Our payroll services are fully customised to the client’s requirements and business objectives which includes pay, benefits, PTO, length of engagement, tax statements and many more. Staying up to date with the current responsibilities that payroll requires takes up an immense amount internal resources. By outsourcing your payroll responsibilities to LMA Recruitment Asia, you are saving time, money and energy.

At LMA Recruitment Asia, we understand that each company’s payroll needs are unique, which is why our tailored solution is the perfect option for you. Our expert consultants take the time to thoroughly understand the needs of your company to deliver seamless payroll functions.


LMA Recruitment Asia provides a variety of services designed to meet the specific needs of whom we work with. The contracting services we provide supply your company with highly trained talent that will meet all of your specific needs from past experience and work flexibility to personal characteristics and culture fit.

Our contracting service team partners with you to identify your business challenges, hiring requirements and talent gaps, creating a tailored solution for you. The expert consultants on our contracting team ensure that you manage liabilities and improve cost controls. By using our contracting service, your business will acquire qualified talent for your current assignments and will be able to quickly scale up or down as necessary.

At LMA Recruitment Asia, we prioritise your workforce needs. Our contracting recruiters understand the ever-changing nature of talent acquisition, therefore are always looking at the next move for you.